Hydrogen H2 rich water vs. Premature Aging

Many people spend thousands of dollars to try to beat aging; the problem is it is only a temporary fix. You have to find and correct the root of why you are going threw premature aging.
Once you read this, you will learn how to solve the root of aging prematurely and do something about it.



In 1986, at a symposium on cancer. Dr Mu Shik Jhon (1932-2004) proposed an entirely new theory for aging. His theory, which he called the Molecular Water Environment Theory; states the following:                                                       
Aging is a loss of hexagonal water (hydrogen H2 water) from organs, tissues and cells, and on overall decrease in total body water.
Since the proposal of the above theory, the role water in aging has been the subject of much research. One scientist, Dr. Seiji Katayama, used magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), to test the hypothesis that aging is related to structural changes in intracellular water. In his study, the structure of the cell water components of four generations within the same genetic family was analyzed. He concluded that age, in fact, related to structural changes in the water surrounding biological macromolecules, and he suggest that “the state of the water in the body was closely related to the aging mechanism.”
Today there is considerable evidence that rejuvenation may be as simple as re-hydration.According to Dr. Mu Shik Jhon’s theory, “Replenishing the body with molecular hydrogen H2rich water can increase vitality, slow the aging process, and prevent disease. On a cellular level, there are two water-related factors that are closely associated with aging.
The amount of water in the human body declines with age. You need to be around 70% water.
The movement of water in and out of cells slows with age. This is due to dehydration, not enough water in the body.
If you are looking to slow pre-mature aging you have to change your life style by changing the type of foods you are eating, drinking molecular hydrogen H2 rich water (key factor), exercise, find some type of outside sport you can enjoy, take a barefoot walk on the beach a couple times a week, this will help lower your stress level.

The other main factors behind Aging

Is It The Right Water we are Drinking ?

You would be surprised to know that root of all diseases and sickness is the lack of proper hydration of the human organs with water. When you breath, when you eat, when you drink liquids, you ingest acidic properties along with the nutrients you need to energize your body.Liquids and foods, and the air you breath all have acidic properties. Your body needs to have the acidic properties removed. That is why we drink water. Hundreds of millions of people have lived without food and love. But no one has lived without WATER. A magnitude of about 60,000 miles of veins in our body carry nutrients to every part of our body. These same veins are suppose cleanse the organs from acids and toxins. Can you imagine just eating daily, drinking alcohol, and never taking a drink of water? Isn’t that what the pirates did? How well did they live?
Start Living Healthier With Hydrogen H2 rich water or Electrolyzed reduced water
Properties of water that include but are not limited to these facts that are important to a long and healthy life style:
Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) factor greater than minus (-) 700 mV.
Water Clustering that is 7 times smaller that tap or bottled water
Potential of Hydrogen (pH) 9.5 for drinking.
Side Note: The ORP is what takes out the toxins in your digestive system. This is measured with a digital multi-meter in negative value. All other water is measures positive (+) millivotls in a range of about (+) 300-500 mV. The pH (potential of hydrogen) 9.5 pH removes the acidic properties from your organs. Many competitors claim they have these properties but cannot show proof with certifications. Besides having these two properties high negative ORP and a 9.5 pH does not work unless there is a carrier. The carrier of these two properties a high negative (-700mV) ORP and a 9.5 pH requires a water clustering size that is seven (7) times smaller than regular water. This is what takes the two properties, high negative (-700 mV) ORP and 9.5 pH quickly to the organs and digestive system instead of passing them out of your body without using them.
The carrier (water clustering 7 times smaller than regular water) is described as: if you took a tennis ball and through it at a chain link fence, when it sticks in the fence only about 10-15% shows through. This describes regular water. When you take a hand full of marbles and throw them at a chain link fence, this is what best describes ionized restructured oygenated alkaline water. All the marbles pass through the fence except those that bounce off. About 10% bounces off. Therefore, you can see clearly that 90% of the ionized restructured oygenated alkaline water works directly with your organs and digestive system. Very simple analogy.